18 Feb

High Dynamic Range in Muskoka

I am back from visiting Muskoka and as expected there is a great amount of snow. I had planned to get out and photograph the area but due to some side distractions it never happened. The much reported freezing rain was a more accurate forecast than I anticipated.

I have started to experiment with HDR photography. I took a very similar shot back on Jan 01 with same subject, lighting etc (see below) and as you can see the high dynamic range shot brings much more life. Looking forward to experimenting more with HDR.

Cottage Feb 17, 2008

In: in and around muskoka ontario

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  1. ed says:

    great picture

  2. Jeannette Toews says:

    Hi Ed,
    This is a great picture. What’s the resoluiton of this picture? We will be exhibiting a 2 x 2 tiles with 40″ WXGA 1100 nits panels which will have total resolution of 2732 x 1536. However, we do not have pictures with such high definition. Just wondering if HDR also is taken in very high resolution.


  3. mike says:

    i just surfed in and noticed the hdr pics…. you seem to be getting the hang of it. check out the link below for great work with hdr and digital blending. it will get our creative juices going.

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