29 May

The Continuing Destruction of Muskoka, Courtesy of your Muskoka Lakes Township Council

The developers came with the worlds greatest plans and we wrote all down as the progress of man …

The previous post about Marygrove formerly the Glen Home Hotel circa 1939 seems to have created quite a stir. I received many e-mails and comments from people that are very furious with what has transpired here.

The Muskoka Lakes heritage committee and the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario had recommended that Marygrove be preserved due to its historical and architectural significance. The Muskoka Lakes township council ignored these request and decided to grant demolition permits and rezoning to allow for four new cottage lots to be developed instead. This hapless and cavalier decision resulted in the resignation of all seven Muskoka Lakes heritage committee members.

This photo was taken from the docks of the Lake Joe Club on Saturday May 24, 2008. It shows the last standing portion of Marygrove which is now reduced to rubble. The oblivious expressions of the boaters are rather fitting.

Marygrove formerly Glen Home Hotel 1939 Muskoka

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  1. Charles says:

    Muskoka is going the way of the Do-Do. Developers now have their paws in every proprety that is likely to make them money. And that’s what talks anywhere in the world, Money and more Money! Don’t kid yourself Muskoka will not stay the same as the big city moves in.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I am so disappointed that such a great piece of Historic Muskoka architecture was allowed to be demolished. The nuns who own the property should be ashamed at themselves. I would have expected a group of nuns to be less greedy and self centered. Had they lowered the asking price on the property I’m sure someone would have come along and purchased it and kept the building in tacked. I can think of a myriad of uses for the building.
    Shame on the nuns! Lets hope that they have trouble selling the property now without the building – it will serve them right!

  4. My son and daughter in law decided to travel to Canada and see where I used to live and play. I was heart broken to see that one of my cherished memories of growing up had been destroyed, all for a $$$.
    Our family knew the original owners the Love’s. They were dear friends. Many wonderful days playing in the game room, hideyholes for reading those special books, ping pong (table tennis) hikes, shuffleboard, horseshoes, water skiing and swimming in the lake. My mother swam from the dock of Glen Home over to Port Sandfield (with a boat escort for safety). Her accomplishment turned me into a life long swimmer.
    Wonderful meals, I remember toast heating for breakfast as you entered the dinning hall. To this day my comfort food, ummm I can smell it even now.
    I am so very sad that this beautiful architecture was not cherished and preserved. Sad so very sad. A tragic loss to the community, country, generations to come.

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