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The Boatworks of Port Carling, Muskoka

The Boatworks of Port Carling, Muskoka

The Port Carling, Ontario Boat Works was established in 1925. During the Depression, the company sold the most stock production inboard boats in Canada. Their famous SeaBird launches were built on site and at a branch plant at Honey Harbour.

Boatworks Port Carling

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  1. Ben White says:

    I’m trying to research a 1953 Port Carling Seabird that I am restoring. I can’t find much info online.
    Is there any source you could suggest?

  2. Mark Calkins says:

    I am restoring a1949 Port Carling Seabird launch. I am looking for others who own and have worked on these boats

  3. Benny Kolb says:

    Have the 17.5′ 1926 Port Carling Rowboat and the two org. Spruce spoon oars, org. papers from William O. Johnson of Port Carling Boat Works Ontario Canada Hull #3049, also copy of flyer (poster) of this boat being used to film a video on Ole Evenrude for Evenrude Corp.’s 100 year celebration. Piece of history, great find and collection for sale. Please contact Benny at (386)793-4126 or bkolb@live.com

  4. Rick W Cooke says:

    I have a 1936 Seabird Triple cockpit. Hard to find any details and history on these boats. Looking for leads.


  5. Paul A. Gallant says:

    I have a sea bird mahogany run about built in Port Carling sometime in the 1940’s . Finally have it in mt shop to be restored. Would appreciate any feedback. I can send pictures.

  6. Ed Boutilier says:

    Fantastic Paul – good luck on the restoration of your beautiful Seabird

  7. Paul Gallant says:

    Hi Ed;
    Thanks for comment, are you doing or maybe completed a restoration? I have a couple questions;
    What species of wood on the bottom plants?
    The sides are mahogany, however tnere doesn’t seem to be any corking, so it’s wood on wood ?
    Are all the fastenings brass ?

    Thanks Ed, I certainly would apprediate being able to call you. I’m 2 years shy of 80 so need to
    “git er done” !

  8. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello Paul,
    You are probably best to speak to a local boat builder or restorer. I’m sorry I can’t answer your questions as it’s not an area I know.
    Best regards

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