07 Jul

Tragedy hits us hard in Muskoka

I debated with myself on whether I should post this next picture or not. We all enjoy the great things about Muskoka and cottage country but sometimes along the road something happens to remind us how fragile life really is.

This terrible tragedy happened close to my cottage and had a very strong and disturbing impact on all of us in the area. All weekend long people streamed by in cars, boats, walking and on bikes to pay their respects to the three young men who lost their lives here on the eve of July 3, 2008. Unfortunately there are no words to make it better. Our deepest condolences go out to all family and friends.

Three dead in Muskoka tragedy

The day the music died

Muskoka car accident near Minett Ontario

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  1. Ross says:

    This tragedy could have been prevented and the suffering will last a long time. A rumour is going aroung that a challenge to beat a boat to a cottage may have been a factor. When will respect for human life override thrill seeking?

  2. Ed says:

    In addition to that someone that races cars told me that the skid marks seem to represent “Drifting”. Looks like the car enters a corner at high speed and slides through it like a fish tail type thing

    Its very fortunate that oncoming traffic wasn’t hit as it is a busy road

  3. Bill Morrison says:

    Were these the kids that played minor league hockey?

  4. Rdigz says:

    He wasn’t drifting he was inexperienced manual driver, came over a hill to fast and locked up the brakes making it impossible to steer the turn. There was a surviver of the accident she never said anything about racing a boat to the cottage. If anything they were in a hurry, but never a good reason to be driving that fast on mtn roads. Tyler and the other boys are very missed a tragedy is a tragedy none the less learn your lesson from others mistakes!!! Some times you dont get a second chance and thats life! Love you ty

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