14 Jul
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The Year of the Frog

This frog was nice enough to pose for me while I took his photo in the pond beside my cottage. I discovered an interesting article by Canada’s David Suzuki entitled, The Year of the Frog while I was searching for some philosophical copy to accompany the photo. Apparently many different species of frogs are vanishing from the planet at an alarming rate. Scientist consider these amphibians the “Canaries of the Coalmine” as a benchmark for our planets health. Climate change, pollution and a silent killer called chytrid fungus are the main suspects in the mass disappearance.

Muskoka Frog

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  1. tracey says:

    Cool photos big bro tommy has also taken some nice photos i will get him to send them to me and i can forward them they are of rual alberta…what a beautiful sight. we are heading out that way again tomorrow evening and will take some more.. chow and miss you very much

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