30 Jan
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Muskoka Steamships Frozen in Time

Most of us that spend time in Muskoka have been out for a tour on these steamships or have at least seen these babies around the lakes. The Gravenhurst wharf is their full time home. I was surprised to see that they were frozen right into the ice. I would have thought they would be protected with ice-out bubblers around them.

For a good laugh check out The Rick Mercer Report where he visits the Muskoka Steamships

For a Steam Ship sized image click on this photo 1280 res

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  1. Heather says:

    Stately looking steamships…I’m also very surprised to see them frozen in the ice. We have a cruise ship on Lake Nippissing which for years was always taken out of the water…I’m not sure if it still is as I haven’t been down to Callander in the winter to check for a number of years. Seems to me the ice could do damage to the hull of the ships???
    Great video!
    PS…love the color of the sky!

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