27 Feb

Port Sandfield in Muskoka Sleeps

Port Sandfield is the dividing point for Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph in Muskoka. Once you cross the swing bridge coming from Port Carling you will see the Silver Stream Farms Market on the right side. This general store is very popular with cottagers and locals alike. I can’t wait for those delicious cinnamon buns from their bakery.

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  1. Heather says:

    Great shot…I think I know where that is!

    Mmmmm, I love cinnamon buns…

  2. Andrew Foster says:

    WOW- I’m looking at this picture and if I am correct this store is right above the water way between the two lakes.
    I lived in Port Sandfield back in 1967,68 in Port Sandfield and have some great memories

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