11 Aug

The Ditchburns of Muskoka

In 1869, four Ditchburn descendants, brothers William, Henry, John and Arthur, emigrated to Canada from England. They settled in the village of Rosseau, Ontario. When the resort industry in Muskoka began to flourish. The Ditchburn brothers turned to what they new best, their family tradition of boat building.

After about 20 years of building small craft in Rosseau, the Ditchburns, moved their operations to the Muskoka Wharf area of Gravenhurst in 1890. Gravenhurst had much more traffic as the trains arrived and the steamers departed for various parts of the lakes. The Ditchburn is considered one of the most cherished crafts and a household name in Muskoka.

This is the identification plate off of the  31 ft launch On Behalf Of Sam, a 1930’s Ditchburn docked in Gravenhurst Bay.
Ditchburn History

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  1. Very nice…. ! One of the Ditchburn houses is up for sale and the old building stood where the new hotel stands now.

  2. Heather says:

    Leather & wood, great combination!!

    The name plate says it all…

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