05 Nov

A Pinball Wizard, There’s got to be a Twist

Ever since I was a young boy
I’ve played the silver ball
From Huntsville down to Barrie
I must have played them all …

Just a few doors down from The Kee I could not resist a little peek inside the Balacade. It was like a journey back in time (gee now I’m  dating myself) with vintage pinball machines and games crammed into the small room.  Balacade is an arcade shop that was started in Bala Ontario over 50 years ago and is still run by the original owner Paul Arney and his wife Patricia. Please click on the pic or HERE for a biggie 1280 pixel photo

Balacade Story


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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    Great shot! I love this place.
    Hail today, gone tomorrow!

  2. Loogan Fukengruven says:

    Took a spin in the laundromat,
    Played a game in the music arcade,
    Kept winnin’ while the band played,
    That’s how good I felt.

  3. Heather says:

    Very, very cool…haven’t been in one of those places in 6 years… :0)…took my grandson to Florida and he just loved to visit the arcade after dinner for a while! Sort of a “relaxation” thing!

    Great shot…

  4. pinball kid says:

    history update:

    Just would like to correct your article, Paul and Patricia are not the original owners. 2 brothers from Toronto owned and operated it, then sold it to them.

  5. bob says:

    The Balacade…I worked there for Paul, and was around when he married Pat…when I was a lad of 12…also went on his daily repair trips to numerous lodges and hotels were he kept pin ball machines.
    Hustled pop bottles as well and worked as a bus boy at Dunn`s Pavilion at night…got paid $.50 per night plus tips.
    Saw all the Big Bands…Dorsey, Elgart, Basie, Satchmo…have some of their autuographs and numerous advertising poster from the dances.
    Fell in love with the Sax sections and that led to a career playing Big Band / Swing gigs…45 yrs worth!
    ……ahhh…the memories!!


  6. lesley armstrong says:

    where’s the cotton candy machine!!!! that’s the first thing i headed for. it’s been aprox. 44 years since i was in bala, but it has made an impression on me that i will never forget (alzheimer’s pending)

  7. Year 55 incoming for Arney’s Balacade
    Thanks for the support and great photos
    (Sorry about the cotton candy machine but that sugar just got into everything and when it died, it was not to be replaced.)
    Indy Gallery will be open again this summer to keep the art/Balacade connection as the war time prints are still here
    Thanks Ed and all for the support

  8. Tyler H says:

    I’m gonna have to try to make it up there this summer with my clan (wife and 5 kids)

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