21 Mar

Tattered and Frayed

We have had some great weather in Muskoka for this time of year and people are predicting the ice will be out much sooner. The March wind howls and this old wind sock has seen better days. In like a Lamb and out like a …?

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  1. Jennie says:

    A bright feather fluttering in a grey sky!

  2. A simple yet beautiful image Ed… the sock looking so forlorn and the sky so forbidding… a great combination. Always a pleasure visiting your site to see where your travels take you.

  3. Nobody got him new socks for Christmas.

  4. leslie carr says:

    It is wed. I predict that muskoka will be out on Sunday. It is 2-3 weeks early. We always say that April 15th is the day, but not this year.

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