13 Oct

Lookout Island

I went out for a little field trip as the sun began to rise and noticed the fog had not yet burned off the lake. This time of year there really is some spectacular scenery around Muskoka.

Please click for a higher res photo

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Will Humble, Ed Boutilier. Ed Boutilier said: Lookout Island, this time of year there really is some spectacular scenery around Muskoka. http://tinyurl.com/28evv3g […]

  2. Val says:

    What a spectacular photo. You’ve captured the magic of Fall.

  3. I love the ever changing scenery of Lookout Island, which I check out every time going to and from work. It never fails to disappoint.

  4. Christine McKinney Pfeiffer says:

    What a beautiful picture. ‘Lookout’ was my grandparents island which is now owned by a wonderful couple. My parents island is Riverdale which is on the left. We used to swim over every morning to visit my grandparents and we would be thrilled to get a little candy from his special jar as a little treat. This picture brought back wonderful memories… 🙂

  5. Claire Elizabeth Bickley says:

    Christine McKinney Pfeiffer,
    Were your grandparents the Johnsons?
    My father and his sister were evacuated from England during WWII and fostered in Windsor by that wonderful family that owned Lookout and Little Lookout.
    It’s where my dad fell in love with the Canadian wilderness which certainly led, many years later, to his interest being piqued when he heard a Canadian girl was staying next door to his UK home. Which led to .. our family … because that was my mother.
    I have vivid amazing memories of being on Lookout as a little kid newly arrived from England and feeling that same sense of wonder at the beautiful country where I suddenly found myself.
    This photo brought them all back.

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