09 Jul

Where Fairies Sleep

Another photo from the recent Fairyland visit during Doors Open Ontario event. This is the bedroom located upstairs in the cottage. Looks like it may have been a little chilly in the winter months.

Please click for a large photo.

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  1. Wayne Rogers says:

    What a unique picture,was that you ed that took this? Great job.

  2. Heather says:

    Great photo…I say yes, it was probably darn cold!!!

  3. Oh.
    Gimme a book and this bed and I’ll see you in a week. Maybe…

  4. agent420 says:

    I slept here over Labour Day Long weekend … 2011.

    Very spooky and I have reason to believe it’s haunted by the original owner … before the 2 sisters.

    Her portrait can still be found in the back room. Attached below.


    Note that her right leg had been amputated … and is still a distinguishing feature of her spirit.

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