02 Aug

Fairview Island

The sun was descending quickly as I was running a group of visitors back to the cottage after one of my mini tours on Lake Rosseau. There is a passage way between a group of islands and the Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club. This is the tip (no don’t run a boat through here) of Fairview Island which has a beautiful cottage that was built in the late 1800’s. Cottage Life Magazine did a story on it which you can see right here.

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  1. What a timely post Ed. I paddled by there yesterday on my way up and back from Beacon Island, and was admiring this old boathouse and wondering about its history. Thanks for the post and link!

  2. Fairview Island AKA Campus in The Woods says:

    Hi There
    Have fond memories being a maintenance person on the Island when Billy Graham and ICCF ran the island ohhh so many moons ago. In those days we
    Started off with island power generated by a one lung huge flywheel generator.
    Then we had a huge generator give to the island and we rebuilt the unit for some hi KVA power.
    Many students came from all over to experience the Christian life with others.
    I was the lone non Christian who did the maintenance, drove the boats, cleaned the toilets and rolled barrels of fuel up the hill to feed the many devices.
    It was a great life (even though I never found my calling).
    I stayed there from the break of ice to the cold winds started the icing up of the lake.
    We had toilets, water, power, great cooking, sailboats, canoes and many other play toys.
    I now live in BC and have gone and looked at the island once.
    BIGWIN rocks then and today.
    LAKE OF BAYS is one of the nicest and best experiences I can remember.
    I am now 71 Years old and will always remember boating from Baysville to the island in the dark in a small boat with a 30 something horsepower boat.
    52 years ago!!!!

    After seeing the island, come to BC and see Vancouver Island. IT too will be a truly wonderful experience.
    Sorry for the long note

    DOUG born in Toronto.

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello Doug,
    Thanks for your comment. I had no idea that Billy Graham had anything to do with Fairview Island. I’m wondering if by chance you mean Ferndale?

  4. Doug Ferguson says:

    Hi Ed Boutilier

    I went and looked to see if I was in error about Campus in the Woods and Billy Graham and so asked the question on the net:
    Campus in the woods and Bill Graham and it came back there was a relationship.
    Inter varsity Christian Fellowship.

    Even after all these years, i think about the experience working on just about everything on that island and using the many type of boats. TRULY, my best experience of my life.
    Even having been in business for 30 years doesn’t come close.

    Everyone, visit this area…..it is an amazing experience.


  5. Pat Learmonth says:

    I have just seen these old posts about Fairview Island. Doug is referring to Fairview Island on Lake of Bays – not lake Rosseau. He is correct about the history.
    Doug – we are now the owners of the island and we would very much like to talk to you about your memories. Am hoping there is a way of making contact with you.

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