28 May

Fairy Falls in Baysville

I heard good things about the Lake of Bays Brewing Company, a microbrewery in Baysville, Ontario located on the south end of the Lake of Bays.  We were privileged to take a little tour, sampled product and stocked up on some palatable liquid assets. (love the coffee & chocolate infused Mocha Porter)  This microbrewery is owned by a very impressive 25 year old. I love to see thriving businesses like this in little communities and I always try to support them.

On the way back to the cottage we passed a sign with an arrow, “Fairy Falls” – that away. A quick jaunt down a side road and an easy walk through a trail that follows alongside the Muskoka River and your there. A few minutes in and I lost my navigator to the swarming black flies as he scurried back to the parking lot like a spooked Sasquatch. I wouldn’t really classify this as a significant water falls however maybe rapids would be a more suitable description. In spite of the killer fly attacks I held my ground and managed to get some photos. I have included a little experimental 53 second video that I made with my smart phone followed by the final photo below.

Please click on the photo below for a large shot.



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  1. All this beauty AND mocha beer?
    Hey, your experiment is way cool! The video and the hillbilly-rock’n was fun but your photo at the finish was pure Ed and quite dazzling.
    Me and Dave (Dave and I? what. ever) almost bought a house on that road. We really, really, really wanted it but lost out in a bidding war. Just as well, though. I’m happy where I am!
    Still, it’s pretty country.
    Tell your sasquatch-fleeing navigator that the bugs in Muskoka are NOTHING compared to the black flies in Kiosk. We spent the weekend there camping and fishing and I swear those flies were the size of fat chickadees.

  2. James R says:

    cool location and i just love the way your camera captures the crisp colors with or without HDR, what type of camera do you use anyway?

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hi Cathy, it is an interesting area. I will have to go back and explore a bit more. I’ll play with some higher res video in the future.

    James, my main camera is a Nikon D700

  4. MackenzieCBT says:

    Sounds like a mini getaway. Beautiful photo and video!

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