23 Aug

Riding Shotgun

This is the Wenonah II riding shotgun during last August’s recreation of the historical 100 Mile Cruise that took place on the big 3 lakes, Muskoka, Rosseau and Lake Joseph. I had the pleasure of riding alongside on the Segwun steamship for the 12 hour journey. It was the first time they embarked on this historic cruise since 1958. I hope it doesn’t take another 50+ years to do it again. WenonahShotgun_600

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  1. Cool shot, I really need to take a trip on this boat after driving by it so many times now!

  2. Pat Balm Bell says:

    I grew up on Lake Joseph at my aunt’s cottage. It was named Medora Point.
    I have many great memories of summers spent up there on that beautiful
    lake. She is gone now and I really miss her and Lake Joseph!

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