21 Jan


I don’t know about you but in the back of my mind I’m always thinking about Muskoka. Well, after a refreshing trip south I finally got the opportunity to get back up to the cottage and check things out. I went for a little stroll out on the ice as it appeared to be fairly thick even though I didn’t see any fish huts.  You can see the bubblers are working, keeping the ice off the boathouse cribs and docks. I setup my tripod and camera for some shots and ended up taking this one with my Android phone.


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  1. Oh no, not a PHONE! Actually, I used to turn up my nose at phone photos because most of them used to be small, blurry and grainy. I’ve seen some good stuff lately, though, including this one (of course). !

  2. Ed says:

    The sensors in today’s phones are fairly high quality. You don’t really need to carry a pocket camera anymore. There is a myriad of software apps that make it easy to spice up the images.

  3. Deb Bevan says:

    Lovely, clean,crisp,fresh and waiting !!!!

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