30 Jul
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Nooks and Crannies

One of the cool things I love about exploring the Muskoka lakes are the abundance of hidden channels, islands and private bays, the nooks and crannies so to speak. Year after year I try to archive these places in my head, kind of like learning the streets around a neighborhood. For some reason it is very difficult for my brain to process these places in any uniform manner. Trying to recall exactly where I am, whats up ahead or even remembering if I have been here before proves to be difficult. (and I’m sure I have been everywhere at least once) Of course there are significant markers like that island of weird birds, the 7-slip boathouse or that shallow bay where I sucked up a rock on my Seadoo.

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  1. Jane says:

    We love doing the same, Ed. Being on Muskoka, we’ve done a lot more exploring on it than on Rosseau or Joe. We typically take our guests around Bala Park Island (which we’re on) and Acton Island and then when we show them the chart, they’re blown away by how much distance we DIDN’t cover, and how big Lake Muskoka is.

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