12 Dec

Icey Dicey Docks

The ice-out bubblers and illuminated warning signs are installed. I noticed the water levels to be high for this time of year. I like to have the ice cleared from forming around boathouses and docks. The Ministry will drop the lake levels on some lakes at some point leaving tons of ice hanging which can cause serious structural damage. Sledders and people out on the ice need to be properly warned of these open and dangerous areas.



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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    It’s true, but folks won’t snow down! They treat the lake as a Nascar Track!
    It sure look cold, Ed!

  2. BrentF says:

    Is the ice starting to form yet?

    If so, I might drive up this weekend and turn on my bubbler.


  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Ice has formed but not safe to walk on. I have my bubblers in but not turned on yet.

  4. BrentF says:

    Thanks Ed.. I just got back from Muskoka, having gone there to turn on my bubblers. No ice in the big lakes that I saw but the small lake that Bush waterskiing school operates beside (near Bala) was fully frozen over.

  5. Reed I Cudmore says:

    Your winter is colder than I recall in the past!

  6. Jane says:

    Ed – we were at the cottage (Lake Muskoka at Bala) yesterday to turn the bubbler on. Lake level is still high despite water flowing over Bala Falls at a powerful rate.

  7. Rodger King says:

    Noticed your blog and your comments about bubblers and signage. We are a startup Canadian company that caters to people who have bubblers on their docks. We offer a solution for Canadian customer who have docks and want signage and warning beacons. I would love to feature a link to your blog on our site, please let me know what works for you.

  8. Mary Wilson says:

    I am staying on Lake Muskoka near Bracebridge this week. Two observations. Bubblers still running and creating unnecessary noise and open water for both people and wildlife. Secondly, I have never seen the water level so low in my many years of visiting. Is this an extreme reaction to spring flooding in past years? Will fish eggs and fry be adversely affected this month – April? Thanks.

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