29 Mar

Saving the Bala Falls

This is probably the last snowy photo I will put up for this season since spring is on everyone’s mind now. I took this photo a few weeks ago while touring around Bala. There has been a lady living in this van (down by the river) who is in protest of the Bala Falls being turned into a generating station. This controversy has been going on for a few years and was originally led by ex Mayor Alice Murphy who lives downstream to the falls. I see the pros and cons for both sides and personally feel that the citizens and taxpayers in Bala are the ones that should be making the decision to determine the outcome.  You have to admire someone so entrenched in what they believe that they sacrifice their lifestyle and make a stand.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Thanks Ed – I agree with you on the both sides issue, and that it’s their gig. Looking forward to Spring!! [oh wait, it “is” Spring…] 😀

  2. SI Muskoka says:

    I agree, It should be the taxpayers of Bala who decide.

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