09 Sep

Ferndale Boathouses

Ferndale is one of the most visited destinations when showing people the architectural eye-candy by boat around Lake Rosseau. The property is owned by a self made Canadian Billionaire who has amassed great success in the home building business. At one time this magnificent property was called Ferndale House and later it was sold to the Canadian Keswick Conference Centre. The property now supports four boathouses along with a massive cottage mansion, guesthouse, sandy beach, sports courts and a helicopter pad. These two boathouses are relatively new additions.


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  1. Wow!!!!
    Keep going back to Fairview Island looking at the pictures and remembering the great three years working on the island when I V C F out of Toronto had it.( Billy Graham Mission.)
    I Just saw an old a picture showing what I believe is an old bunkhouse from the island.
    Wished there were more pics BUT maybe more will show up.
    It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 50 years I have kept track of that Island and travelled all the way back from BC, rented a boat and drove around it.
    The experience generated confidence and a lasting memory of an island I truly love.

  2. David Broughall says:

    I discovered this through my stamp collection. I found that the Ferndale House Resort had its own post office. I have a strip of three beautiful yellow one cent stamps with a double cancel from Ferndale House dated July 10, 1894.

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hi David, I bet the owner of Ferndale would love to see a photo or even purchase those stamps.

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