30 Sep

The Lone Gull

It was a gloomy afternoon and the sun was dropping quickly with the feel of rain approaching. I teetered back and forth on whether I should go out or not. I ended up in one of my favorite areas to travel to on Lake Joseph where there is hardly any development. I noticed this rock island, shut off my engine and slowly drifted into it. There was a lone seagull who stayed with me while I shot a bunch of photos taking it all in.


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  1. Jim Boyd says:

    Hi Ed. Great picture, captures really well the feeling of those grey fall days. I travel Lake Joe a lot but don’t know where this is taken.? I love the geology of the rock outcrop where the deposited layers have eroded at different speeds creating the groves and uneven surface.

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello Jim,
    This rock formation is located about 100m west from Fairy Island. I am told it was named the Devils Rock and apparently boats have crashed into it a number of times.

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