19 May
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Kicking of the May 2-4 Weekend at Clevelands House

It’s the kickoff of the quintessential Canadian May 2-4 weekend. This is an early morning shot taken at Clevelands House in Muskoka. Apparently there has been renovations and new food operators for the boathouse this year. Always a great place to check out.

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08 May
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D. A. Dunford Painting

It is always a great feeling when people recognize and appreciate your work. Recently I had the privilege to connect with renowned Muskoka artist D. A. Dunford. Doug asked if he could create a painting by using one of my photographs as a reference. Here is an image of the painting with my original photo below. What an honor!


The original Blog post for this photo entitled Therapeutic Exploration.

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11 Apr
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The Spring Melt

I visited Muskoka yesterday for the first time since the fall season which explains my Blog inactivity. I spent the winter months in the warm climes of the Hawaiian Islands. It was blissful!

I was in Bala yesterday checking out the falls (and the construction) and there is significant water flowing out of Lake Muskoka into the Moon River to Georgian Bay. The ice should be off the lakes by the end of this week. Water levels are down to summer levels on the lakes at present and will rise over the next 10 days. Hopefully no flooding this year.

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14 Jan

Casting Shadows

We’ve┬áhad lots of snow in Muskoka this year. At one point there was about 3 feet that fell within 24 hours. The big lakes have not frozen over yet but it appears they are well on their way. The December solstice has passed and the days are getting longer now. I long for the days of being out on the beautiful waters of Muskoka.


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