24 May

New Season – Same Old Sign

Hello – are you still out there? It has been some time since I have updated this Blog. I will continue to do so over the cottage season months as there is still plenty of traffic coming here looking for Muskoka related content. I think in general most blog traffic on the web has dropped off due to the growth of social media. As I mentioned in a previous post I put up one photo per day on Instagram. Usually lots of Muskoka related photos and some of my travels and other areas of interest. You can follow me here if you like. instagram.com/edboutilier

The sign in the photo below was carved by my brother Tim and I when we were up on Otter Lake in the 1990’s. Tim was taken by the Great Spirit at 36 years old so it has special meaning to me. I always smile when I see it overlooking the patio. It is a constant reminder of the good times we had hanging out at night around the fire listening to great tunes, fixing up the cottage and of course out in the boat all day.

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  1. Don Hedger says:

    Nice to see ur still around ~ you must have just got unstuck from ice . Since the ice is now out the trout are hitting pretty good along shore so keep ‘ur line in the water

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    Thanks Don. Keeping my line in the water and my stick on the ice – LOL

  3. Catherine Lodge says:

    Glad to see your blog updating once again. Love the tribute to your late brother. I losy my brother when he was just 35 – so I know how that feels. Thank you, Catherine

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