09 Jul
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ONECALLAWAY – is the name of the cottage. Years ago when we were thinking of purchasing this cottage we weren’t sure what to do. Should we or shouldn’t we? Our friend Rob was visiting the office and gave us a little push. He said “do it, it will be a great lifestyle choice” Rob continued “You never know about life, it could be over tomorrow. We could be One Call Away from the Doctor telling us so”. Over the years Rob has visited and also referred to our cottage as onecallaway and it stuck.

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  1. Betsy Givan Martens says:

    How lovely, Ed! Even though it’s just a glimpse, I can tell that it’s very well kept. Is it anywhere near the old place? Don’t want to blow your cover.

    Hey, I stumbled on some photos of a Saturday morning farewell at Thorel House, where everyone would gather to bid farewell to whatever family was leaving. Once I finish my current job, I will scan it and post it here, or send it to you to post. I’m sure you will recognize many familiar faces, including Whitey’s!


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