26 Aug
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The Protest to Stop Waterfront Subdivisions in Muskoka

Here is a short video I made while participating in the Sound the Alarm Boat Rally in Muskoka August 25th, 2018. This is in protest of developers turning existing waterfront resorts into subdivisions. The environmental impact of high density housing on shorelines is the main driver. The protest was held in front of the old Lakeside Lodge which was torn down and will have 43 new cottages built on 470 ft of shoreline. Normally 1 or 2 cottages would be built on a lot this size not 43. This all has to do with the new official plan and a developer friendly Mayor and a few Councilors. I assure you this is more than a NIMBY situation. I copied from the Save Muskoka website below.

Official plans set the rules of land use and development for a municipality. This new plan would allow any of Muskoka’s 80-plus waterfront resorts to be redeveloped into high-density residential enclaves – thanks to a developer-friendly redefinition of what constitutes a “Resort”. The District of Muskoka’s planners, in a misguided attempt to prop up the ailing resort industry, are proposing that 50% of all new units may be sold and operated as fully residential units, without the requirement to rent. The other 50% can be sold with minimal (and unenforceable) rental obligations. It is, simply, residential densification under the guise of being a “Resort”. Ironically the real effect maybe doing away with resorts entirely.

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