22 Sep

Nobody Loves Me Anymore

I posted this photo of a run down boathouse over on my Instagram account. It got quite a few comments from you Muskoka people who are out there and know whats going on. I have been watching this Lake Rosseau boathouse slowly deteriorate over the years. I would imagine with the cost of lake front property, taxes and low inventory that this property will be transformed into something new someday. You rarely see any old relics that are falling apart on the lake any more. Even the boathouse up on Fairy Island is gone now however the cottage still stands among the trees.

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  1. Don Hedger says:

    well if the lot has 400+ feet, refering to your previous “blog” can we assume there just might be more than one “cottage” on this lot? Forget the house or cottage on the lot which might be comming down as well ~ there you have it
    Clear some of the trees and maybe a small time share

  2. Don Hedger says:

    say “Old Timer” that’s a nice tower ~ more reception than the local 103FM information radio

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Don – I don’t think we will see multiple cottages on this lot. The multiple cottages were set to be expanded in the village of Minett and as well resort properties

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