12 Sep

1899 Map and Chart of the Muskoka Lakes

There used to be an old log cabin on our cottage property that was built in 1924 by the Davidson family. The old cabin was dismantled around 2002 and taken somewhere else for future reconstruction. One day a contractor visited and gifted me this map that he found inside a wall of the old cabin on the property. I’ve since researched it and found it was published in 1899 by G. W. Marshall of Toronto. It includes an index of summer cottages, owners, hotels and boarding houses on the lakes. The map I have is a copy from 1975 by the Reverend Hugh G Carmichael of Bala, Ontario. Many of these old maps were made to show the railway lines and this one says, “Map showing the route of the Parry Sound Railway, Crane and Blackstone Lakes, Blackstone Harbor, Georgian Bay. I now have the map framed and mounted behind glass for the cottage wall. A nice little keepsake.


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  1. B. Weston says:

    Great find. Enjoy. –brian

  2. will m says:

    That is an amazing story and I would love to have one of those maps that Hugh produced. I have one of the GW Marshall giclee prints but the Rev Hugh Carmichael put in a lot of work producing his book and maps in 1976.

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hi Will,
    I will hopefully be able to get a high res version up for downloading later this fall. You will then be able to print on a larger size.

  4. Gerald Parker says:

    This is very cool! I have been searching this map out since seeing it at a local store proudly on display. I went to the Bracebridge Library who always have great ideas and went searching theirs and others archival maps as well. Thankfully I am here now. This is amazing. Really appreciate you sharing the Reverend Carmichaels extraordinary work.

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