12 Apr
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Low Water levels – No Floods!

Us property owners on the Muskoka Lakes have been somewhat consumed with water levels these past few years. We have had floods on the Big 3 Lakes in 2013, 2017 and 2019. Lake Muskoka has taken most of the damage from these floods. I have documented some of it and you can see it here. This year the water levels appear to be quite low. I’m told by our trusty Mayor Phil Harding that we are at about the same levels as last year. I have no reason to doubt his word as I wasn’t visiting in April last year however when I arrived in early May the water levels were great. The big lakes are now open with all of the ice off them and the spring runoff has tapered off. This week the forecast is calling for lots of rain. It will definitely bring the lake levels up a bit.

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  1. Gary Hinman says:

    Don’t forget flooding in 2020 too! Its amazing these lefties in the MNRF and Hydro, negligently destroying private property in the name of their mongoloid green energy act with no reprecussions at all! Also they, each year, are likely snithering up their sleeves for sticking it to the “rich” cottagers. Revolting people. Their kind are destroying Canada as well as my Muskoka.

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