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Remembering the Joe River Marina

The Joseph River Marina was originally named Waters Marina and it was purchased by Joerg Rosenthal and his new bride Marilyn in 1972. They operated the marina, were active in the community and raised four beautiful daughters at this location. Unfortunately, it was a sad ending for the daughters. Their father Joerg was involved in an accident on Lake Joe and perished in 2007. A short time later their mother Marilyn passed away from cancer in 2009. The girls auctioned everything off in July 2010 and the Marina and home was sold. The girls left Muskoka.

Last summer I posted a photo and painting of one of the daughters named Jenny on my Instagram.  I took the photo in the summer of 2008 and renowned local artist DA Dunford released the painting of it. I thought the girls really need to see it. I tried texting a phone number I had from over a decade ago. Sure enough it was one of the daughters and they were absolutely delighted to see the photo. They innocently asked me about the Marina and if anything’s changed. I went over and took a few photos for them. The property was sold to islanders who rebuilt the boathouse and fixed up the house.  You don’t see many families operating a business on the waterfront of the big lakes anymore. Joerg and Marilyn left quite a legacy.

Joerg also appears in the documentary, An American in Muskoka.  Here is a nice story about Joerg: https://bit.ly/3xhEpHk

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