01 Jul

The Movie – An American in Muskoka

I’m happy to announce that I have received special permission from the filmmaker to share this outstanding documentary about Muskoka. The 76 min movie was shot in Muskoka in the mid 2000’s or about 15 years ago. It takes a very serious look at the changes that are occurring in Muskoka. The film features interviews with notable people such as actor Harry Hamlin, businessman Kevin O’Leary and many other well known lovers/supporters of Muskoka. After nearly two decades of driving by and photographing Cliff Island on Lake Joseph I discovered there was a movie about the American owners who have summered here for well over 100 years. Some of the changes that are occurring on the Muskoka Lakes were taken from the families perspective however some 15 years later it’s not hard to see the changes. I encourage you to watch this film and share it with others. – thank you!

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  1. Betsy Givan Martens says:

    Wow, Ed, this is great! Thanks so much for posting it, and thanks to whoever edited it all together. Someone used the word ‘primitive’ and I think that’s what we liked about Thorel House. Primitive doesn’t mean backward or lacking somehow. No. To me it was a simpler time spent in nature, even though we mostly swam and played tennis and waterskied on Whitey’s boat. Not so much as nature-lovers per se. Nature was the setting, and we were awestruck in the face of it, so went about our business of relaxing and enjoying the meals and the fresh air and evenings in the tuck shop. When my family and I stayed there, we always had two rooms in the main building. My sister’s and my room had an iron bedstead, a basin in the corner, and bathrooms down the hall. I remember that the doors to the bathroom stalls were made of wooden bead-board. What a funny detail to remember, eh?

  2. Ian Phibbs says:

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy all kinds of history about Muskoka and family life and cultures

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    I think the film gives a good introspective of the simpler times and why people visited Muskoka.

  4. Nancy Armstrong says:

    I really enjoyed the video. I have been in the area for 57 years. Well done!

  5. Ed Boutilier says:

    Thanks Nancy – I’m happy that you enjoyed the documentary. It is a great look at where we were and where we are going.

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