17 Aug

Snooping on Snoop Dogg at the Kee to Bala

Snoop Dogg in The House Cottage
The rapper / hip hop artist,  Snoop Dogg or formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg played two sold out nights at The Kee to Bala August 13 & 14, 2009. I took a drive by (perhaps not the best choice of words) just to see what kind of crowd he would draw in Muskoka’s cottage country. It turns out the Snoopster drew a large crowd … of Cops.

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to take a decent shot under the high security situation. (required high ISO and there were lots of moving) There have been a lot of interesting bands come through The Kee including, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong in the old days. There has also been other great bands like Rush, Max Webster, David Wilcox, George ThorogoodThe Ramones, Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo and others that have rocked The Kee.

Snoop Dogg Kee to Bala

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05 Jun

The Kee to Bala, A Muskoka Favorite

The Kee opened for business in the summer of 1942 and was originally named Dunn’s Pavilion.
It has been a favorite to many that have visited the Muskoka area.

In the 1940s and ‘50s, Big Bands like Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong played here.
Since the 1960s, rockers like David Wilcox, Kim Mitchell, The Ramones, April Wine, Rush, Burton Cummings, The Tragically Hip, 54-40 and the late great Jeff Healey played at The Kee.

Check out this year’s lineup: www.thekee.com

THe Kee to Bala

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08 Mar
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Waiting for the Kee

I took a drive past the Kee to Bala recently and noticed lots of sled activity visiting the pub next door. Looking forward to those hot sweaty nights listening to some fine tunes at the Kee.

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14 Aug
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Throw Back Thursday, Live at The Kee 1986

#TBT – Throw Back Thursday. I’m a big music lover and always support our great Canadian artists. Here is the lineup from the summer of 1986 at the Kee to Bala in Muskoka. I went to some of these shows but can’t remember which ones. I’ve had the pleasure to see most of these bands at least once except Doug and the Slugs who I regrettably never got to see. (RIP Doug Bennett) Some of these bands are still performing and two of them still playing The Kee like David Wilcox, Kim Mitchell, Grant Fullerton and Paul James. May they Rock On!



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03 Jul

Tom Cochrane & Red Rider Rocks the Kee

Hope your Canada Day weekend was awesome. A large group of us hit the Kee to Bala to catch the performance of Canadian musician Tom Cochrane and his band Red Rider. Tom has been popular on the Canadian airwaves for over 30 years cranking out hit after hit. He would have been a global superstar if he broke the US and International markets however he remains a Canadian gem. He is also a tireless humanitarian supporting many worthy causes globally. Check out some of his songs through these links. Life is a Highway, No Regrets, Sinking like a sunset, Boy inside the man, Lunatic fringe, Human Race, and Big League to name a few.




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11 Jun

Who do you Love?

George Thorogood and the Destroyers were in at The Kee to Bala this past Saturday night and the house was a rock’n. Being a big music lover I like to visit the Kee at least once a season. Keeps us young, … hehe.  I will never forget seeing Lonesome George open for the Rolling Stones in front of 100,000 people in Rich Stadium back in the day. I guess I’m dating myself but good Rock n Roll doesn’t show up that often especially in cottage country. There are still a few other good bands coming to The Kee this year including 54-40 and David Wilcox.


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07 Sep
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54-40 Rocks The Kee

The Kee to Bala was wrapping up its summer concerts this past Labour Day weekend with 54-40 (below) performing on Saturday night and Sloan on Sunday night. The photos are a little soft as you are not allowed to bring in a full sized camera so I used my trusty pocket cam that struggles with the light conditions.

Below is a shot of Neil Osborne of the band 54-40. They are in my opinion one of the most underrated Canadian rock bands with great tunage like; Baby Ran, I go Blind, One Day in Your Life, Baby Have Some Faith, Ocean Pearl, Lies to Me, etc. They are a Muskoka favorite.

Please click on the images for larger photos

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05 Nov

A Pinball Wizard, There’s got to be a Twist

Ever since I was a young boy
I’ve played the silver ball
From Huntsville down to Barrie
I must have played them all …

Just a few doors down from The Kee I could not resist a little peek inside the Balacade. It was like a journey back in time (gee now I’m  dating myself) with vintage pinball machines and games crammed into the small room.  Balacade is an arcade shop that was started in Bala Ontario over 50 years ago and is still run by the original owner Paul Arney and his wife Patricia. Please click on the pic or HERE for a biggie 1280 pixel photo

Balacade Story


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16 Apr

Waiting for the Big Thaw in Muskoka Canada

I usually like to have my boat in early however it appears like this guy will beat everyone to it this year. They must have hightailed it out of Muskoka back in the fall.

Taken near Bala, Ontario on Lake Muskoka near The Kee

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