21 Jun

In Search of the Grouch in Port Sydney

I was in Port Sydney recently, the town with the cool welcoming sign that says “Home of 800 families & 1 old grouch.” Politician Tony Clement kicks back here except when hes not doubling as Superman and rescuing people from drowning in the Muskoka river.   The quiet little town is situated on the shores of Mary Lake where the North Muskoka River flows through. Like a lot of small towns in the Muskoka region, Mary Lake was known for its lumber industry bringing many settlers into the area around the 1860’s. At its peak there were over 25 lodges and Inns located in this area with quite an interesting history. I took this photo at the south end while standing on the town dock looking out to the lake.

Mary Lake Port Sydney, Ontario

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20 Jul

Mary Lake at Port Sydney, Ontario

The welcome sign says “Home of 800 nice families and 1 old grouch” in Port Sydney, Ontario.
Located approximately 12 km’s south of Huntsville and just off highway #11. This is the area next years G8 Summit will be held.

Port Sydney is situated on Mary Lake and is also part of the North Muskoka River.  See Google Map

Please Click the image for a G8 sized photo

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05 Jun

Mary Lake

I don’t get a chance to travel up to the Huntsville or Lake of Bays area as often as I like. It is equally as beautiful as the areas around the big three lakes in Muskoka. I snapped this photo where the Muskoka River flows out of Mary Lake. There is a considerable amount of history on these lakes and they tend to be populated by quaint cottages instead of the ostentatious McMansions on the larger lakes. I highly recommend visits to the area.

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24 Jul

North Branch of the Muskoka River

This is the north branch of the Muskoka River flowing out of Mary Lake in quaint Port Sydney, Ontario. The river meanders towards Bracebridge into Lake Muskoka and out to the Moon River and down to Georgian Bay. There are 5 dams on this system with power generated at High Falls, Wilson Falls and the Bracebridge Falls.

The Muskoka River Watershed is the largest watershed in the Muskoka district covering an area of 466,000 hectares. The watershed communities are: Dwight, Dorset, Baysville, Huntsville, Port Sydney, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Bala, Port Carling and MacTier


In: in and around muskoka ontario, on the water, tripin around towns

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