28 Apr

Lunch at Red Leaves in Muskoka

This is the newly opened Red Leaves Resort in the village of Minett, Ontario. This section is called The Rosseau and it is where Canada’s first J.W. Marriott hotel resides. It is a huge $750M undertaking transforming over 1 mile of Lake Rosseau shoreline on about 1400 acres. It has not been totally embraced by the locals in the area due to its mammoth size, environmental footprint and more.

While having lunch in the resort restaurant called “Cottages” I noticed our Minister of Industry, Tony Clement chowing down with his family right beside me. He had mac n cheese with a Pepsi and I had the seared ahai tuna and a long cool Muskoka lager .. or two. Tony baby has been spreading some tax dollars around the area as next year Muskoka will be hosting the G8 Summit

This photo is a panoramic shot of two photos stitched together. Behind me was a spectacular view of Lake Rosseau which I shall post another time.

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26 Aug
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Ouno Island Boathouse

I have been informed that there are four unique boathouses that are designed to store sailboats on the Big 3 Muskoka lakes. I often pass by this cool boathouse on Ouno Island near Clevelands House and Red Leaves Resort on Lake Rosseau. I never get tired of looking at Muskoka boathouses.


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04 Apr

Going to the Chapel

Last year I noticed construction of a new chapel going up on the Wallace Marine property on Lake Rosseau.  I immediately thought maybe it was going to be a non-denominational chapel in support of the many weddings booked at the Red Leaves Resort right next door. Nope, it turns out to be the new home of Abbey’s Bake House opening this season. Looking forward to checking out the gooey butter tarts.

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15 Aug

Riding Off Into the Setting Sun

I usually tour new cottage guests around Lake Rosseau for their first visit due to the proximity of all the unique landmarks. Lake Rosseau has Winderemere, Red Leaves, Clevelands House, the Church in Morinus, a Lighthouse and a bunch of other interesting and historical sites.  I’m not discounting Lake Joseph or Lake Muskoka, by any means as both have their own unique sites to see.

It was a long day and we were on our way back to the cottage after touring the lake and stopping for a swim in a quiet bay. BBQ strip-loins and big bold Cabernets were on our minds as we zoomed back into the setting sun.

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08 Apr

Looking out over Lake Rosseau

Yup – Sorry folks the lakes are still frozen in Muskoka. With the warmer temps arriving this weekend the meltdown should accelerate. With any luck we should see open water before Easter. This is a shot looking out at Lake Rosseau with Clevelands House Resort below. There is a little trail that will bring you up to this cliff. I believe its called Resort Lookout which gives you a great panoramic view of Red Leaves, Cleves and Lake Rosseau.

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23 Jun
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The Russians are Coming … The Russians are Coming

Paignton House Road leads to the Red Leaves Resort near the village of Minett in Muskoka Canada. As part of the G8 Summit expenditures this small piece of road cost the taxpayers a mere $410,000.00 to pave and beautify. The resort is located about 75 km’s from where the G8 is in the town of Huntsville, Ontario. According to the Honourable Tony Clement the Member of Parliament for Muskoka-Parry Sound,“ The Paignton House Road will be an important route taken by VIPs attending the 2010 G8 Summit, as they travel between The Rosseau resort and the summit site each day,” More from Tony baby here

Rumor has it the Russians are staying here this weekend. I wonder how the Vodka inventory is?

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07 Feb

Hanging out in the Hotel Lobby

This is what you see as you walk through the front entrance of  The Rosseau, part of the Red Leaves resort in Muskoka. The resort features the only JW Marriott Hotel in Canada and 1 of 37 in the world. It truly is a world class facility with good restaurants, Spa, nature trails, golf,  and great water access. They have done a great job at capturing the spirit of Muskoka throughout the entire place from architecture down to the library filled with Canadian books. The most impressive aspect I have discovered in my many visits are the people that work here.  Always friendly and accommodating with bright smiles. Someone has done a great job at hiring the right people, trained them and instilled a belief system that customers really matter.

Unfortunately with overruns and the economic downturn it was forced into receivership. If you have a few hundred Mil you don’t know what to do with you may consider adding this baby to your portfolio.

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07 Nov
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The JW Marriott in Muskoka

There is only one JW Marriott Hotel in all of Canada and its located at the Red Leaves resort near Minett in Muskoka. This is a massive resort built on 1400 acres and located on the shores of Lake Rosseau. There is a 700 acre nature trail, spa, restaurants, theater and more. It was still under construction when I strolled by but parts of it should be opening soon.

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31 Oct
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The Sun Sets Over Clevelands House in Muskoka

The sun sets over Clevelands House to end another summer/fall season in Muskoka. I took this photo from a new trail that opened up along the shoreline from the Wallace Marina over to the New Red Leaves Resort. Of course Red Leaves now owns Clevelands and the entire shoreline around to the resort.  It has to be close to 2 miles of shoreline on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka – do the math.

Click for bigger size

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14 Oct
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A walk through the Muskoka Forest

The fall colors were at peak this past Thanksgiving weekend and you couldn’t ask for better weather. I was lucky enough to tag along on a nature hike with one of Canada’s foremost naturalists, Robin Tapley. The nature hike was courtesy of Red Leaves Muskoka Resort who have setup an impressive 700 acre nature preserve with trails for hiking, skiing and biking which will be open to the public to explore.

Muskoka boardwalk

Another picture taken from one of the many trails deep into the Muskoka wild and marshland. I highly recommend anyone who spends time in Muskoka to take a walk through these trails. I noticed they are building a maple sugar camp in the bush which will be ready for the spring thaw.

Nature Walk in Muskoka

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05 Aug

Not Everyone has a Million Dollar Place in Muskoka

While driving just outside of Minett, Ontario in the Muskoka district I noticed these decrepit old buildings along the roadside. I haven’t been around the area long enough to know their history. I am sure all of these old homesteads will vanish over the next few years especially with the new Red Leaves Resort going in around the corner.

Okd house near Minett Ontario in Muskoka

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