07 Oct

Torrance Barrens – There’s a Darkness on the Edge of Town

I finally found the Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve just south east of Bala, Ontario. This conservation reserve is made up of about 5000 acres of Precambrian rock, wetlands and modest tree growth making it ideal for astronomical instruments. It is Canada’s first Dark Sky Preserve. I plan to dust off the telescope I received as a gift many moons ago and return here one night to check out the skies, which are apparently mind blowing. This is a photo of the Highland Pond near the parking area off district road #13.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Info on Torrance Barrens


Please click on the image for a Milky-way sized photo

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18 Jul

The Secret Lookout

This is a cool, private place on an Island in the Muskoka area that is no longer in use.  Its part of  Secret Muskoka where I am not allowed to reveal its location or a team of wild goats will drag me across the Torrence Barrens. There are not many abandoned places left on the big lakes. The waterfront real estate is so valuable and taxes so high that anyone owning property usually sells it or uses it for themselves.

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01 Oct

Dead Trees and Dark Skies

I  was driving across Hwy # 169 towards Gravenhurst looking for the  Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve.
I made a wrong turn into the community of Torrance and just kept driving and discovered this field of dead trees on the side of the road. You can see that the fall colours are starting to set in now. I later discovered Torrance Barrens was on the other side of the highway.
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