31 Aug

The Lighthouse near Rosseau

It was a rather drab looking day cruising up to the north end of Lake Rosseau but nevertheless its always great to be on the water. This lighthouse is located on the shoals just south of Rosseau near the distinctive Rosseau Lake College. The lighthouse is still operational and managed by the Canadian Coast Guard. I noticed a few
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15 Aug

Riding Off Into the Setting Sun

I usually tour new cottage guests around Lake Rosseau for their first visit due to the proximity of all the unique landmarks. Lake Rosseau has Winderemere, Red Leaves, Clevelands House, the Church in Morinus, a Lighthouse and a bunch of other interesting and historical sites.  I’m not discounting Lake Joseph or Lake Muskoka, by any means as both have their own unique sites to see.

It was a long day and we were on our way back to the cottage after touring the lake and stopping for a swim in a quiet bay. BBQ strip-loins and big bold Cabernets were on our minds as we zoomed back into the setting sun.

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