17 Oct

Pride, Prejudice and the Turning Leaves

I just returned back to Muskoka from Euro-land and was happy to see a feast of fall colors still hanging on however it is an unfortunate marker that its time to pull the boats out. So I jetted across the lake today to a local marina that I have been doing business with for many years to take my two jetski’s out. I walked into the office to pay the fee, greeting the people with a frozen smile but I sensed something was wrong. I was promptly told by Mr. big attitude man, “you can’t remove your boats here, we don’t allow that anymore”  Well I have been using this marina for 6 or 7 years, buying gas, using storage, launching boats – removing them, getting service, recommending them, etc. I pleaded my case which they couldn’t care less to hear so I left. I then instructed my friend waiting in the parking lot with the truck and trailer that we are out of luck.

What to do? I remembered seeing the old Wallace Marine had started up again when I visited Abbeys awesome bakery this summer. A quick call and I was greeted by a guy named Dave who remarked, “come on over“. Upon arrival the people were just fantastic and out of frustration I explained the story of what just happened. They acknowledged they have heard the story a few times before. I love it when people and companies understand that its all about the customer. When customers have bad experiences they usually tell on average about 10 people however for these guys I thought I would tell a few more.  Thanks Pride Marine for turning me away and forcing me to discover the awesome Summer Water Sports who get it.

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09 Nov
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Boats, Trees and the Fall Breeze

I used this photo for a short time in an earlier post when I was in rant mode about the Pride Marina. It didn’t quite fit the content so I moved it out and stuck it back in here. We are kind of at the in-between stage in Muskoka. The trees have been stripped of their leaves and the skies are grey as we await the first substantial snow to arrive. The photo was from a visit to the Lake of Bays area near Dorset, Ontario

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