20 Apr

Gas up your Submarine in Muskoka

With a record snowfall of 18 feet this past winter the Muskoka lakes are experiencing very high water levels. Currently Lake Muskoka is about 18 inches above its normal mark. Since Lake Joseph and Rosseau are higher lakes that drain into Lake Muskoka the levels are not quite as severe. ( 8″ to 12″) Pictured below are the new underwater docks at the Beaumaris Marina on Lake Muskoka. Upon driving around Bala and Milford Bay areas it was quite common to see boathouses and docks submerged.

Muskoka Docks

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29 Mar

The Rushing Waters of Muskoka’s Bala Falls

I was finally able to get up to Muskoka this past weekend after being away for a month. For some reason life just keeps getting in the way. I was curious to see how the water levels were as we move into the spring thaw. It appears the lakes are not as high as last year around this time even though we have had almost as much snow. This is a shot of the Bala Falls with the water flowing out of Lake Muskoka down the Moon River and into Georgian Bay.

As I hiked down the rocks I found this abandoned boat resting on the sunny shore.

For a Boat Sized Photo Please Click on the Image

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