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The Ghost Town of Swords, Ontario (Muskoka)

This is the general store and former post office in the ghost town of Swords, Ontario located in the district of Muskoka. It is abandoned uninhabited now and has been for quite a while.  In 1894 a lumber company was established here and the town was called Maple Station with trains passing through up to 20 times per day. Later the towns name was changed to avoid confusion with another Maple Station. The Sword family operated the general store until 1930. The lumber ran out, the train station closed in 1946 and the post office shut down in 1966 with most residents moving away.

NOTE: Although many of these types of properties are abandoned or unoccupied please remember they are still private property. Please respect the rights of these owners and do not go crawling through them without obtaining prior permission.  (Swords photos taken from the roadside)

Ontario Abandoned Places

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Exploring the Ghost Town of Swords Ontario

I went looking for the ghost town of Swords, Ontario which is off Hwy# 141 not far from the town of Rosseau. Swords is an old railway town that was originally named Maple Lake Station and dates back to 1894.  I found the old general store and next to it was Swords Rd so I thought I might discover more relics down here. This road seems to go on forever and I never did find anything with the exception of some spectacular fall colors.
Long road in Muskoka

Swords Rd. (click image for biggie size)

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