23 Sep
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Chasing Down the Wenonah II Ship

I had a tip that the Wenonah II ship was going to be on Lake Joe and Rosseau this evening. With the torrential downpours it was unfortunate that I missed her navigating through the swing bridge at Port Sandfield. Eventually the rain slowed down and I headed out to see if I could find her. She was taking passengers to the JW Marriott Hotel when I spotted her on Lake Rosseau. These ships are such a treat to see on the lakes and tonight’s dramatic skies added to her majesty.

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24 Sep
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Wenonah II at Port Carling Locks

I was passing through Port Carling the other day and noticed the Wenonah II moored at the Port Carling Locks. Apparently someone rented her out for a wedding party. I’m sure the steamships will be busy this fall as people visit to see the world famous Muskoka colors.

Please click for biggie sized

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23 Aug

Riding Shotgun

This is the Wenonah II riding shotgun during last August’s recreation of the historical 100 Mile Cruise that took place on the big 3 lakes, Muskoka, Rosseau and Lake Joseph. I had the pleasure of riding alongside on the Segwun steamship for the 12 hour journey. It was the first time they embarked on this historic cruise since 1958. I hope it doesn’t take another 50+ years to do it again. WenonahShotgun_600

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20 Aug

On Board the Historic 100 Mile Cruise

This past weekend I had the privilege to board the RMS Segwun steamship and take part in the 100 Mile Cruise. This historic event was the highlight of the summer in Muskoka and will provide enduring memories for many years. Here are a few pics of the journey which departed Gravenhurst at 8:30am and returned 12 hours later. Please click on each photo to get a 1600 pixel shot.

There was a very large crowd waiting for us as we entered the Port Carling locks. The Wenonah II steamship was following closely behind us.

Looking out from the Port Carling locks to the Lake Rosseau side.

There were many cottages and boathouses crammed with people cheering us on as we passed the shorelines.

Arriving in Port Sandfield at the swing bridge was astounding with more large crowds greeting us and taking photos. As we passed through the channel you could see an amazing flotilla of wooden boats waiting to join us.

This is the Wenonah II passing through Port Sandfield with other boats starting to tag along for the journey.

A large number of the most beautiful vintage boats toured alongside of us.  It was breathtaking to see just how many there were. Unfortunately I was not able to recreate the scale of it through photos from one ship. When the aerial photos come out you will see how grand the entire event was.

Take me to your Captain. I had the opportunity to go up on the bridge and visit the Captain and navigator. Very cool people with nerves of steel.

The final destination was up on Little Lake Joseph. I was surprised the route we took as I have often taken my own boat through here and you need to be very careful of the shallow water. I had heard the Captain had spent the day before testing depths for this journey. At the end of the Bay in Little Joe is a large cliff once called the Natural Park where the steamship would stop and let people out for a walk. Today it is private property. At this point the entire flotilla of boats jockeyed around the two steamships while helicopters zoomed bove taking aerial footage of this remarkable event.

The Wenonah II coming back from the top of Lake Joe heading towards Port Sandfield

I shot this photo off the bow of the Segwun as we passed through Port Sandfield heading back towards Port Carling in the late afternoon. We were just about to be called to the dining room for a great dinner.

The RMS Segwun returning home after a very long day. I’m just glad I didn’t have to shovel the coal.

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16 Aug

The Famous 100 Mile Cruise

For the first time since 1958 this Saturday August 18th, 2012 the 100 Mile Cruise will be recreated with the RMS Segwun and the Wenonah II tracing the original route of the SS Sagamo steamship. There will be over 100 other historical wooden boats accompanying the steamships on their journey on the Big 3 Muskoka Lakes . The proceeds of this event are being donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. More info here

Photo I took a few years back of the Segwun steamship on Lake Joseph

If you are interested in seeing the steamships and the large flotilla of classic boats they will be traveling through the locks at Port Carling and Port Sandfield. Itinerary below.

8:30 am Depart Gravenhurst Wharf
11:00 am Arrive at Port Carling Locks
12:00 pm Arrive at Port Sandfield Locks
2:00 pm Arrive at Little Lake Joe
2:30 pm Depart Little Lake Joe
3:30 pm Arrive at Port Sandfield
4:30 pm Arrive at Port Carling
8:00 pm Arrive at Gravenhurst Wharf

A historical handout on the 100 mile cruise here

View Big Cruise for a Big Cause in a larger map


The original 100 mile cruise brochure from 1950


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12 Jul

125th Anniversary Flyby

In celebration of the Segwun Steamship’s 125th anniversary the  Royal Canadian Air Force’s Snowbirds performed a flyby at the wharf in Gravenhurst on Friday June 29th, 2012. I found a cool 35 second video on Youtube below.

Note: the Segwun and Wenonah II along with a flotilla of over 100 antique and classic boats will be recreating the original 100 mile tour on the Muskoka Lakes Saturday August 18th, 2012. Apparently the last time this journey was made was in 1958 so there is plenty of interest in this years 125th anniversary celebration. The Segwun steamship is listed as sold out however you may be able to get on the Wenonah II. Details here.


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03 Nov
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Steamship Makeovers

If you happen to pass through Port Carling you will notice the RMS Segwun Steamship is in for a pedicure and manicure. The locks have been drained creating a drydock while they perform the work. The Wenonah II is right behind her and will be taking her turn next.

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23 Jul
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Steaming Down the Isle

A group of us were out on the Segwun steamship recently and as we disembarked we noticed the Wenonah II was filled with well dressed people unlike our obligatory T’s and Sneaks. It was a weddings day in Gravenhurst and your soup spoons on your right?

As we strolled down the dock I noticed the bride and groom walking towards us. I had to do some advanced ninja contortion moves to get the camera out in time to fire off a couple of quick shots before they disappeared into a new life.

Click for a steamboat sized pic

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04 May

Muskoka Steamships ready to sail into the 2008 season

I was passing through the town of Gravenhurst this morning and noticed the Muskoka steamships docked at the wharf. On the left is the R.M.S. Segwun built in 1887 and re-launched June 1st, 1974, by Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. On the right is Wenonah II a replica (2002) designed with the style and grace of a 1902 Muskoka steamship. There is also the 1915 Wanda III (not shown) originally commissioned for Mrs. Timothy Eaton of the Eaton department stores currently being restored.

Long before the era of modern roads, steamships sailed the Muskoka lakes from early spring to late fall, carrying passengers, mail and freight to the many resorts and villages not served by the railways. If you have not had the opportunity of taking a cruise on one of these historic beauties I would highly recommend it.

2008 sailing schedule here

Muskoka Steam Ships

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