24 Jun

Sullivan Island on Lake Joseph in Muskoka Canada

There are many islands within the Muskoka lakes district. This is Sunbeam Sullivan Island on Lake Joseph. (thanks Jamie for the correction on the name) I am not sure of its history but I am sure it has an interesting one with its wrap around veranda and big lake views or “vistas” as the real estate marketer extraordinaire’s call it. This baby can be picked up for a mere 1.99M

Sunbeam Island

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  1. […] year I photographed visited Sunbeam Island or so I thought. It actually turned out to be Sullivan Island not Sunbeam. My coordinates were slightly off kilter and the real estate agent that had it listed […]

  2. Carolyn Dennis Blocksom says:

    Hello, Sullivan’s Island was my family home passed down to my mother Marjorie Helen Sullivan. I grew up on this island thru out the summers ( and sometimes staying until Canadian Thanksgiving in October) until 1975 when it was sold after being in our family for almost 100 years.. The rocks that lined the paths were put there by myself and my brothers. This was a magical place. The best part of my childhood.

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello Carolyn – thanks for your comment and sharing your memory. I really must change this terrible photo of beautiful Sullivan Island. I pass by it frequently and it looks splendid. It is now owned by an ex NHL hockey player and family.

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