28 Apr

Lunch at Red Leaves in Muskoka

This is the newly opened Red Leaves Resort in the village of Minett, Ontario. This section is called The Rosseau and it is where Canada’s first J.W. Marriott hotel resides. It is a huge $750M undertaking transforming over 1 mile of Lake Rosseau shoreline on about 1400 acres. It has not been totally embraced by the locals in the area due to its mammoth size, environmental footprint and more.

While having lunch in the resort restaurant called “Cottages” I noticed our Minister of Industry, Tony Clement chowing down with his family right beside me. He had mac n cheese with a Pepsi and I had the seared ahai tuna and a long cool Muskoka lager .. or two. Tony baby has been spreading some tax dollars around the area as next year Muskoka will be hosting the G8 Summit

This photo is a panoramic shot of two photos stitched together. Behind me was a spectacular view of Lake Rosseau which I shall post another time.

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22 Apr

The Ice is Out and a New Season Begins in Muskoka Canada

Well the ice has finally disappeared off the lakes in Muskoka. It won’t be long until we see the usual watercraft buzzing about. I found these two beauties shown below down a side road in front of an old cottage. It appears the sledding season has long been over for them. I did not know John Deere and Massey Ferguson even built snowmobiles. Please click on the photo to see 1280 pixel sized image.

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16 Apr

Waiting for the Big Thaw in Muskoka Canada

I usually like to have my boat in early however it appears like this guy will beat everyone to it this year. They must have hightailed it out of Muskoka back in the fall.

Taken near Bala, Ontario on Lake Muskoka near The Kee

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12 Apr
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Highway 118 Revisited Near Port Carling

I made it up to Muskoka this past Easter weekend. The ice still remains on the big lakes however some of the smaller lakes have opened up already. This photo was taken as you travel on highway #118 into Port Carling.

Please click the photo for an Easter Egg sized image.

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03 Apr

Ice Out Milford Bay, Muskoka Lake

The sun was sinking fast and I wanted to try and get one more photo in before dark. I was driving across highway #118 towards Bracebridge and remembered Milford Bay. As I cruised down the side road I noticed this little creek draining into Lake Muskoka.

It won’t be long now until the ice has disappeared and us Canadians can don the obligatory, shorts, T’s and Sneaks.

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