28 May

Muskoka Bloggers Featured in The Muskokan Magazine

From the shameless self promotion department –
Myself, and a bunch of other  Muskoka blogger’s were recently featured in a popular Muskoka magazine called “The Muskokan” The story covers the many different types of blogs, why they blog and the personalities behind them. You can pickup the print version almost anywhere around the Muskoka area. For the digital version see the full story here.

This is a photo of reporter Kerri MacDonald attempting to take my picture without breaking her camera 🙂

… thank you Thelma

Click the photo for biggie size

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24 May

Bracebridge Falls in Muskoka

The Bracebridge Falls is located right downtown in Bracebridge, Ontario.  Bracebridge was the first municipality in Canada to embrace hydro electric power back in 1894. This is the last drop of the north branch of the Muskoka River before it meets up with the south branch.

It was a miserable rainy and cold day when I passed through last weekend. Quite a few people were still exploring, fishing and taking photos. (Canadians are tough!) The Muskoka area has an abundance of waterfalls throughout and I plan to get out and capture a few more.

Please click on the image for a large sized photo.

Please click for a large sized photo

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19 May

The May Two-Four Weekend in Muskoka

The Victoria Day long weekend in Canada is usually the kickoff to our summer. This weekend is also known as the May Two-Four weekend (for those of you outside of Canada our beer is sold in 24 packs) but the holiday does not necessarily fall on the 24th of May.

This is the weekend that most people open their cottages, plant gardens or go camping. The highways are busy with people hauling their boats and heading to their favorite destination.

Well it certainly wasn’t the warmest Victoria Day long weekend on record.  Although the parking lot was full the Muskoka chairs at Clevelands House were empty when I scooted by. (Please click pic for biggie size)

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14 May

Searching for a Hearth of Gold

I want to live …
I want to give …
I have been a miner for a heart hearth of gold

While driving down old highway #69 in Muskoka this time of year you can catch a glimpse of something through the trees. For years now I have been meaning to stop and wander through the bush to see what it is.

This fireplace is in remarkable shape considering there is no sign of any buildings being around. I assume there must have been a cabin here at one time but I’m not sure how they would have fastened the foundation as this is situated on a giant rock. Sometimes you never know what lurks only a few feet away.

Thanks Doctor C. for the tip

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11 May
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First run of the season

I picked up my boat from my good friends at Gordon Bay Marine last weekend and immediately cruised down Lake Joseph to Port Sandfield and back up to Lake Rosseau. It was a little on the chilly side and I seemed to be the only nut out on the white capping lake. It sure cleared the winter cobwebs out and reminded me how much I missed the open water. The water temperature was showing a glacial 53F or about 12C.
I can hardly wait not to jump in!

Click on the image for a Lake Joe sized photo

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04 May

Let the Cottage Season Begin

There are signs of life in Muskoka as we approach the May 24 (Victoria Day) weekend which is actually on May 18th this year. Many birds, frogs and night crawling creatures as well as a few of the Homo Sapien varietal are scurrying about.  I have not seen any signs of the dreaded black flies as of yet but have heard they are out there.

I was a little slow on the draw trying to snap a shot of the two ducks that took off in this photo however they left some nice rings in the water. Please click for a larger size

Click the image for a larger size

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