24 Dec
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Hoppy Holidays and a Little Blog Break

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Yuletide Tidings

It’s time to turn it down a few notches and enjoy some time off. We are pointed due south and with some luck and a good breeze we should have the quintessential rum concoctions figured out and dancing in the green hues of the Grand Cayman sunset before the turkeys ready.

Wishing you all peace, love, health, happiness and success in 2010 – Ed


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21 Dec
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Boy oh Buoy

Most of the small lakes are frozen over now and the shorelines of the large lakes have started to show coverage as well. Of course its way to early to walk or take the sled on them however you know someone will try. The amount of snow around the Muskoka area in unbelievable. The old timers say there has not been that much snow in December since the 1930’s


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16 Dec

Snowed Out

Well I must confess I missed the big blast of weather in Muskoka this past week.  And you knew we were eventually going to pay for the fair weather autumn we enjoyed. Not one to normally shy away, I started on my way up north and then heard the road closure reports.  Muskoka and area received a 100cm or a 3 foot plus dumping within a couple of days. Many roads were closed down so I decided to stay back. I guess I was snowed out. I monitored a few blogger friends like Jenn Jilks and her very informative MyMuskoka . Jenn was right on top of things providing pics, video footage and great commentary.

Here are a few more links to news articles about the Muskoka weather

Bracebridge Digs Out

Cottage Country Digs out from a Full Metre of Snow

Muskoka Furry Winds Down


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10 Dec

Baby, Its Cold Outside

Someone flipped the switch and we turned into Baffin Island.
Most cottagers have vanished now with only the retiree troopers and the local yokels left to hold down the fort.
The deer will soon be trotting across the lake looking for dessert. Yup cover up those cedar trees Mable.
The bubblers are in – let the season begin (and end soon)


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06 Dec

HDR Spotting

For those of you that enjoy High Dynamic Range Photography there is a new website that features HDR Photographers from all over the world. HDR Spotting was started by Trey Ratcliff one of my favorite HDR photographers. I have been fortunate to have a few of my photos featured on this cool site. 🙂


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03 Dec

Highway #169 Revisited

This is a typical scene that you would see while driving around the Muskoka area.
Campbell’s Landing just off Hwy #169

Please click on the photo for a larger size


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