12 Jul

Lake Joseph Cabin

I enjoy discovering humble little cabins on the big three lakes in Muskoka. Not everything has been ripped down and replaced with designer monster crème de la crème cottages (yet). I found this place in a very quiet bay while jet-skiing up on the north end of Lake Joe. Please click on the photo for a larger size

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    As a little girl I would go up to Lake Joseph with my first grade teacher Miss Joy McGeagh. I have often thought of her. The last time I saw her was l985 before she passed a few years later. I have always wondered how I could find out where here cottage was exactly. She was an absolutely wonderful teacher and friend to my family. We had just moved from Caracas, Venezuela – spoke no English – Portuguese a bit of spanish and she was fabulous. She had a great cat named Scamper. I still have a few pictures that she took of me at seven. If you have any ideas regarding area, etc. let me know. Would love to visit next time I am in Canada.

    Marta (now living in Minnesota – but grew up in Toronto).

  2. sdfgsdf says:

    Just wondering…. if you have ever considered these people whos cottages you are posting. They might not find it very friendly to find images of their cottages posted on a public domain…. in fact they may hate you for it

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    sdfgsdf – I have never had a single person come back to me upset that I posted photos of their property. In fact I have been invited over for dinner/drinks and more detailed tours and have become friends with the owners in a few cases.

    The purpose of posting the photos of cottages or boathouses is to give reference to the beautiful architecture and character of places on the Muskoka lakes. Generally I do not post who the properties belong to.

  4. Derek Hurst says:

    This looks like one of the north lean-tos on Cliff Island.

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