08 Apr

Looking out over Lake Rosseau

Yup – Sorry folks the lakes are still frozen in Muskoka. With the warmer temps arriving this weekend the meltdown should accelerate. With any luck we should see open water before Easter. This is a shot looking out at Lake Rosseau with Clevelands House Resort below. There is a little trail that will bring you up to this cliff. I believe its called Resort Lookout which gives you a great panoramic view of Red Leaves, Cleves and Lake Rosseau.

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    Funny time of year, Ed. Fab photos, as always. You’re a brick. I love you!

  2. Malcolm Robertson says:

    Nice shot Ed!
    This lookout is the location of my geocache “A Suite View”.

  3. Cathy O'Meara says:

    Thanks for the update! You are my only source for what’s happening with the ice breakup and I appreciate your posts!!
    Cathy O’Meara
    Isle of Skye, Muskoka

  4. Heather says:

    Great shot…won’t be long now. Having said that it seems like it was a very long winter???

  5. cathy says:

    At the cottage on Lake Muskoka and the high winds have sent the last of the ice packing!! Now we need the wind gone and warmer temps to arrive!

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