16 Jun


I enjoy wandering around discovering places that you normally wouldn’t get to see when visiting the Muskoka area.  I have been fortunate to meet a number of great people that have deep-rooted knowledge on the history of the area.

One of my connections brought me to this old secluded and abandoned place in the forest. I promised the owners I would not disclose the location as it is deeply cherished and private. Yup, secret Muskoka.  There appeared to be a tennis court here at one time which has long since been forgotten. This old bench is all that remains woven into the memories of Muskoka.

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    How poignant, Ed.

    I had fun exploring the old Bala road, called the Oka Colonisation Road. It goes around long lake, with a delightful bridge. Used and abused by sledders these days.

    You might like the bridge. The Oka native band are the ones given land in the 1850s. Ended up being the Wahta band.

  2. Heather says:

    What a peaceful looking spot…would be a great place to sit and read or have a nap? :~)


  3. Charlene says:

    What a neat photo. I spent a few summers in Muskoka when I was a kid. I live out West now. The other day I was driving along the highway, on my way to Osoyoos and I spotted a huge white adirondack chair. I was instantly transported back to Muskoka. Those chairs (we always called them Muskoka chairs) give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Cheesy but true!

    So you’re probably wondering why there was a massive Muskoka chair planted by the side of the highway. A little bit of googling led me to the website:


    I checked out the photos and it does remind me a little bit of my carefree, sun-kissed summers out East. If I can convince my husband, we just might buy one…

  4. Your special technique makes this old bench look plain scary. Like Jack Nicholson is gonna come outta the woods with an axe…

  5. Do you get a little nervous when you go to these secret places?

  6. Anne Z says:

    Brings back such great memories. Looks like the remains of the tennis courts, silver birches and all, at a wonderful old resort that could only be accessed by water where my dad and I vacationed in the 1960’s before it closed. There was shuffleboard and an extensive walking trail too. Have I guessed correctly?

  7. john macdonald says:

    Anne Z; I think u have guessed correctly. Possibly the remnants of the cleanup of Wigwassan (Wiggy) on Lake Rosseau after the Miller Family from Pitsburg (Llandlar) bought the property to keep the surrounding property from being overun by cottagers and back to it’s original state.

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