24 Jun

Wyvern Boathouse

There is a nice quiet bay on Lake Rosseau I occasionally boat into and drop anchor for a swim. Not far away sits this historic boathouse called Wyvern. I know absolutely nothing about it other than the name emblazoned across the top. Over the years I am finding that many of these historic and unique boathouses are becoming neglected and are in need of some love. The neglect happens for a number of reasons including financial resources, aging owners not being involved and the next generation not caring. It takes a lot of money and care to upkeep these places. Just finding contractors to do the work is another factor. Unfortunately many of these places will eventually be bulldozed and replaced with something modern.

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09 Jun

Back in the Saddle

Finally! – some warmer weather to get out and do some boating. Even on the Victoria Day long weekend there was hardly a boat on the lakes. Only the odd marina service boat was out scuttling about. I’ve been out on my Seadoo a few times and took this photo the other day at sundown while exploring the middle of Lake Joe. iPhone photography.

In: boathouses of muskoka, in and around muskoka ontario, on the water

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