15 Jun

COVID-19 Casualty

It is exciting to be back in cottage country and out on the water. I drove by Clevelands House recently to see if anything was going on. Cleves has been my litmus test to get an idea on how busy things are in Muskoka.  I have to say it was a bit of a disappointment when I approached the 150 year old resort. The docks looked dirty with debris, the iconic Muskoka chairs were not lined up and it looked completely abandoned. A bit surreal to actually see this. Shortly after my visit I received the following notice.

It is with a heavy heart that we will not be opening Clevelands House Resort accommodations this season. However, we are excited to plan for the future, and look forward to unveiling the long-term vision soon. Please be advised that the Rock Golf Course and SWS Boatworks Marine at Clevelands House are now open for the season. The opening dates Pie Wood Fired Pizza, Abbey’s Bake House and the Marine Yoga Studio will be announced shortly. Stay safe & healthy.

In my opinion Clevelands House has not been the same since the Cornell family sold it. It became part of the late Ken Fowlers big vision to establish a village in Minett that included the Red Leaves Resort, (JW Marriott Hotel) Wallace Marine (now SWS), Clevelands House, Lakeside Lodge and the Rock Golf Course. Unfortunately the vision wasn’t successful with many of the properties falling into  receivership. In recent times successful Canadian businessman Mitchell Goldhar has purchased the 1200 acre properties with much optimism. Many cottagers are looking forward to seeing how things go in the future. You know its definitely strange times when Cleves won’t be open for the summer of 2020

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