05 Sep

Sailboat Houses

There are certainly some unique and interesting boathouses located on the Muskoka Lakes. These four boathouses are designed for sailboats and are found on Lake Rosseau in various locations. There may be others on Lake Muskoka and Joseph but these are the ones I have discovered running around by myself.

Located near the old Eatons property near Windermere on Lake Rosseau

Located on Ouno Island Lake Rosseau in Muskoka

Located at the top end of Lake Rosseau not far from the lighthouse

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02 Sep
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A Ride in the CLARIE II a 100 Year Old Vintage Racing Boat

If you spend time on the Muskoka lakes you will witness the glory of vintage boats slicing through the water. They are beautiful, iconic, masterful works of art. Cherished and sought after builders such as Ditchburn, Greavette, Duke and Minett-Shields operated right here in Muskoka.

It was a thrill to experience a recent ride in the Clarie II a 100 year old masterpiece. The 35ft Hutchinson racing boat was built in 1920 for the Rogers family of St Mary’s Cement to compete in the Great Lakes Gold Cup. It features a 500HP Liberty aircraft engine. Hats off to Murray and Emila for providing us with this great experience.

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