20 May

Roberts Bay Modern Boathouse

Boathouse du Jour – For the contemporary/modern design aficionados. This boathouse welcomes you as you proceed into Roberts Bay on Lake Joseph. It’s certainly not going to appeal to everyone’s taste however I appreciate it for its simplicity and uniqueness. I think I would have considered removing or not incorporating the pickets around the top sitting area. In my opinion the view outward overrides the ascetics of the design.

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  1. I really wonder about the impact on the environment of these boathouses.
    Plus, what do they do for septic and all?
    We don’t have many here in Lanark COunty. The lakes are so shallow. Our nearest one is 60′ at its max depth. It’s very fragile.

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    Many of the boathouses have been there for decades. Some 100 years old. New boathouses go through serious permit requirements that include environmental impact, fish studies, etc. Most cottage properties on the Muskoka Lakes use septic systems. They have improved substantially over the years. A bigger problem I see is the developers that purchase old resort properties and convert them to residential. There is one near me with 43 cottages built on 470 ft of shoreline.

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